Grading Scale

A+ Grade - Mint Condition 

  • This device will have 0 imperfections and will be in new condition

A Grade - Excellent Condition

  • Will have 1-3 light scratches on screen, charging port may have some scratches and backdoor might contain 1-3 light scratches that you’ll be able to see from 12 inches

B Grade - Very Good Condition

  • Will have light scratches on the screen, Devices will contain blemishes and small dents

C Grade - Fair Condition

  • The device will show signs of being used overall, may contain heavy scratches and dents

Shadow - Burn on Screen

  • The device will have a white or pink shade on the screen. There will be 3 levels of shadow differentiating from each level, Level 1 will contain light burn showing small icons, Level 2 Will Contain even more icons in the background, Level 3 will have all pink burn in the background.

Face ID NW - No Face ID Compatibility 

  • The device passes all functionality and will be graded as well. The Face ID of the device does not work but everything else does.